FastComet Review

FastComet Hosting Review

FastComet Inc. is a full-service web hosting provider located in San Francisco, California focusing on server stability, excellent customer service and ease in web hosting. They continue to impress current and potential clients with speedy replies and exceptional support.

Looking out for hosting providers across the internet and yet not found the right one for yourself? It has become somewhat confusing with so many big names out there in the market who will take a lot more than your budget can allow and still lack the kind of customer servicing and attention that your business requires. So the problem remains, finding a good hosting provider with a good servicing. This is where FastComet comes into the picture to cater to your needs in the best and affordable solutions for hosting. To learn more about FastComet go through the following article.

The FastComet team has been in the web hosting business for more than seven years. FastComet achieves excellence in the three most important aspects of providing a high-quality web hosting experience: speed, security and customer service. They ensure that websites will be continuously available, severely protected against threats, shielded from attacks and tuned to be lightning fast. From the simplest personal project to the biggest business site, FastComet has a hosting platform that fits everyone.

FastComet is a premium open source web host that offers the features, speed, and security, and the best features that other hosts are missing. FastComet provides the best hosting experience, exceptional performance and is—of course—WordPress friendly.

Discover a web host with exclusive features and services like free tutorials and extensive resources to give your site a boost. Free template installations will help you get your website looking great and 100% responsive,

The mobile friendly FastComet client control area is fully responsive so that you can bring FastComet with you without any additional apps or software.

FastComet offers the speed and security that no other web host does. They boast SSD-only storage for better performance for your files and databases. At 395 ms, they are faster than other hosts like SiteGround, Go Daddy, and Arvixe.

FastComet websites are also hack-free and full of free security services. Unlike other hosts, they have a web & network firewall that eliminates 99% of security threats. Each member also gets security audit and malware removal services free of charge, keeping you protected from potential attacks.

FastComet offers free website transfer and easy start services to make it easy to make them your new web host. With fixed prices and no hidden fees, FastComet ensures that pricing is another thing that sets them above the rest. Fixed renewal pricing guarantees the same price you signed up for; all of the benefits of a contract without a contract!

FastComet Interface

FastComet provides the user with a client area account management related issues like support tickets, domain registration, and billing information can be easily handled. FastComet allows the user to view all the e-mails they have sent without hiding the important e-mails getting wasted in the spam folder and increasing the headache of renewal. The client area, as well as the control panel, are mobile-friendly, allowing you to manage your site while you are traveling or unable to access the system.
Why I love FastComet?

1. Uptime: The #1 job of a web host is to keep your site online. If that doesn’t happen, you’re in trouble. To analyze, we setup test websites with each host and monitored the performance rigorously over a year. Then we’ve compiled detailed data and statistics so you can see exactly how often our site was live (or down).
2. Site Speed: Page loading times are arguably the second most critical factor from a web host, as they affect everything from basic usability by shaping the customer’s experience, to helping (or hurting) search rankings and site conversions.
3. Live Customer Support: We personally tested the support departments at each host, capturing screenshots of our interactions and reporting back the details about how long it took for them to respond, if their support agents were knowledgeable, or if there were any issues that you should know about prior to signing up.
4. Third-Party Customer Reviews: We also researched the experiences that other customers have had with support departments to make sure our experience alone wasn’t a fluke or random occurrence.
5. Sign Up Process: You can get up-and-running in a few seconds with some hosts, while others might take hours. (Some will even hit you with upsells the entire way, putting you in a virtual mine field trying to escape without accidentally purchasing a bunch of extra stuff you don’t need.)
6. The Fine Print: You know the very last step, where companies make you tick the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box to assure you’ve read it (even though you haven’t)? That’s literally where all the surprises are buried. But don’t worry, we’ve read through this boring junk important stuff so you don’t have to.
7. Extras: Some hosts throw in helpful extras, like free SSL certificates or Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to enhance your site’s experience for next to nothing.